Juan Gavidia - Board Candidate Statement

Juan Gavidia - Board Candidate Statement

Candidate for President-Elect

Juan Gavidia

Juan Gavidia
Candidate Statement

Let me start by thanking CAMFT and its members for their passion, commitment, and support in advancing our profession. We’ve all experienced the need and value of advocating for MFT rights locally and in the halls of Congress. With that in mind, I am honored and excited to be nominated for CAMFT’s President-Elect.

Since my board service, we have achieved critical legislative wins like passing the bill to include MFTs as Medicare providers, passing the Scope of Practice legislation in Sacramento, and adopting legislation allowing MFTs to supervise remotely.

However, one of my most significant contributions was helping to shape the conversation about DEIAJ. Together, we aim to continue to increase CAMFT's ability to recruit and maintain a pipeline of future clinicians and leaders. We see the impact of the work of this committee through the creation, elevation, and visibility of the DEI+ committee, which is in charge of helping CAMFT maintain its commitment to DEI.

My dedication to diversity, equity, inclusion, access, and justice for everyone has been a staple of my work with CAMFT and my professional and personal life. In addition to being part of the DEI+ committee, I was also part of the external affairs committee, scope of practice committee, strategic planning committee, social policy committee, and many other responsibilities within CAMFT.

I am running for President-Elect to address an essential generational shift in our profession; as a result, much more is required from our members and leadership. I have the experience, temperament, commitment, and dedication to continue to usher us into the next generation. I want your vote and, in turn, your responsibility to the stewardship of our profession and CAMFT

CAMFT must face this evolution and be a leader in a space that needs a solid and credible organization to advance our profession and advocate for the rights of our members and the populations we serve. We must adapt to change while maintaining our commitment to our growing membership.

CAMFT has the opportunity to help members EMBRACE an exciting and challenging future. With the dawn of AI, an aging population, and cultural, environmental, and economic shifts, we must be open to change and feedback from our members. My priority is to continue to help CAMFT grow, be bold and ambitious about our leadership role, and connect with the general public to create brand recognition wherever possible.

I also want to inspire more students to seek career opportunities in the mental health field and choose MFT as their preferred license. We can continue to attract capable and inspiring leaders to build strong relationships within each chapter.

We have made great strides, but the work continues. I want to provide leadership that brings everyone together. Collectively, we can create a clearer perspective to acknowledge our needs and find new ways to change systems that no longer serve us. Thank you for your consideration. I am honored to have your vote and the privilege to continue my work with CAMFT.


Juan Gavidia, Psy.D, LMFT

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