Board Meeting Highlights March 2022

From the Boardroom

Board Highlights March 2022   

The following notes highlight discussion and action from the March 5-6, 2022 CAMFT Board of Directors meeting, held in Tiburon, California.  

Chapter to Chapter Reception

Board Meeting Highlights March 2022

The CAMFT Board invited Board members of the East Bay, Santa Clara Valley, San Francisco, and Marin Chapters to an informal reception. (These “Board-to-Board” gatherings are intended to allow for interaction between state and local leaders when the CAMFT Board is meeting in a chapter’s area.)

Financial Report

The Board reviewed CAMFT’s financials and the 2021 audit.  The independent audit was positive and found no issues with CAMFT’s finances, resulting in a quick and clean audit, with no adjustments.

Executive Director Search Update

The Board was provided an update on the Executive Director search.  CAMFT is hopeful to have a candidate selected in early spring. 

Strategic Priorities Update

The Board was updated on CAMFT’s progress on current strategic priorities.  The Board discussed the priority of marketing and branding, and voted the new strategic priority to focus on public facing recognition and preference of MFTs--prioritizing consumers, future clinicians and thought leaders. 

Additional Discussion

Acting Director Cathy Atkins presented reports on staff operations including the CAMFT 2022 Annual Conference, call for committee members, and the 2022 CAMFT Annual Business Meeting

The next Board meeting will be held June 3-5, 2022, in San Diego, CA.