Board Meeting Highlights September 2022

From the Boardroom

Board Highlights September 2022

The following notes highlight discussion and action from the September 10 – 11, 2022 CAMFT Board of Directors meeting, held in Santa Rosa, CA.

Department Updates

The Board received updates from all departments. CAMFT’s new Executive Director Joy Alafia provided an assessment of the organization including opportunities for growth.

Financial Report:

The Board reviewed financials for the current year through July 2022. They were provided information on the financials and fund balances for CAMFT, the Educational Foundation, and PAC. CAMFT’s financial position is strong, with revenue ahead of budget while expenses are below budget.  CAMFT’s net revenue (revenue minus expenses) is $669,444. Investments are down 8.6% for the period.

Strategic Priorities Update:

A timeline for the organization to create an updated strategic plan with specific goals and metrics was outlined. The Board discussed how to create effective branding campaigns and the separate issue of portability. 

The Board approved a social policy statement on the detrimental impacts of misogyny which is published on the CAMFT website and will be included in the next edition of The Therapist magazine. Future statement topics were identified including equal rights – transgender and gender nonconforming, unhoused and affordable housing, sexual harassment, white supremacy, and equal rights -- sexual orientation. 

The next Board meeting will be held on December 2 - 4, 2022, in Temecula, CA.



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