Elections Committee


Updated December, 2018`

To supervise all election procedures and perform such other duties and tasks and be composed as described in CAMFT Bylaws, ARTICLE VI (Board of Directors and Officers), Section C (Elections), Subdivision 3 (Election Procedures).

The Committee shall be comprised of no less than of two (2) and up to five (5) members of the Association, none of whom shall have a direct interest in the outcome of the election. Diversity in committee composition is desired.

Committee members are appointed by, and serve at the pleasure of, the CAMFT Board of Directors for a term of one (1) year. A member may serve as Chair for up to two (2) years, if re-appointed.

The Elections Committee meets once per year (in March) at the CAMFT office in San Diego, California and communicates as necessary via email.


  • Each June the Elections Committee shall establish or cause to be established a date of election which shall be in March.
  • On the date of the election, the Committee will meet at the CAMFT office and work with CAMFT staff to oversee the counting of the ballots to be sure they are counted in an impartial and confidential manner.
  • Vet questions and/or complaints about the election process.
  • Committee members are required to sign: Committee Member Participation Agreement, Conflict of Interest Policy, Anti-Trust Compliance Policy, and Consent to Electronic Transmission.

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