Executive Committee


To evaluate, Implement and oversee the execution of all directives and policies established by the Board of Directors.

The Executive Committee shall be composed of five (5) members who shall be the following elected officers on the Board of Directors: president, president elect, past president, secretary and chief financial officer.

Committee members will serve for a term of (1) one year. The president of the Board of Directors shall call meetings of the Executive Committee. A meeting shall also be called by the president on request of three (3) members of the Committee.


  • May act in place of the Board of Directors between board meetings on all matters except those which the bylaws specifically require must be handled by a board action.
  • Serve as an interim Board of Directors between meetings of the association Board of Directors, and operate with authority vested by the Board of Directors.
  • Report all Committee actions to the Board of Directors.
  • Evaluate and recommend compensation adjustments of the chief executive officer and the legal counsel.
  • Make recommendations to the Board of Directors on all matters pertaining to the advancement of the interests and welfare of the association and its members.

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