Nominating Committee


Updated June, 2017

To select nominees for a slate of candidates for the Board of Directors based upon candidate data and interview.

The Nominating Committee shall be comprised of a total of five (5) members, including the Past President as Chair and four (4) clinical members of the Association, none of whom shall be eligible for nomination by the Nominating Committee and none except the Past President shall currently be serving on the Board of Directors or the Ethics Committee.  Diversity in committee composition is desired.

Committee members are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the CAMFT Board of Directors for a term of one (1) year.


The Committee shall hold two (2) face-to-face meetings per year to interview candidates, one (1) in Southern California and one (1) in Northern California.   The Committee communicates as necessary via email.


  • Committee shall put out a call for prospective nominees to all members of the Association at least one hundred and fifty (150) days before the date of Board elections. This period shall close on the last Friday of the fifth month preceding the date of election.
  • Conduct interviews with prospective nominees and prepare a final slate of nominees.
  • Inform all nominees of the duties of the offices for which they have been nominated, secure their consent to serve, and request from them pertinent information, in writing, about their educational and professional background and their activities within the Association.
  • Review and evaluate applications or petitions from candidates and prepare and submit, in accordance with the Association's bylaws, nominations for officers and members of the Board of Directors for election each year.

1) The committee will select a slate of nominees for the following positions for even years: President-Elect, Chief Financial Officer, and three (3) Board Directors-At-Large.
2) The committee will select the following positions for odd years: President-Elect, Secretary, three (3) Board Directors-At-Large and one (1) Board Director-At-Large elected by Pre-Licensed members.

  • In making final selections for the nominee slate, the Committee shall give due consideration to:
  1. Ensuring a diverse slate in terms of geographic, ethnic, and gender characteristics of nominees
  2. Nominee's experience within the profession and Association
  3. Nominee's chapter and community involvement
  4. In selecting nominees for President-Elect, give consideration to prior CAMFT Board, chapter and/or committee service.
  • Send a slate and a “nominating ballot” to all voting members in accordance with the bylaws of the Association and in cooperation with the Elections Committee.
  • Committee members are precluded from endorsing any candidate or serving as a reference in the year the member is serving on the Nominating Committee.
  • Committee members are required to sign:   Committee Member Participation Agreement, Conflict of Interest Policy, Anti-Trust Compliance Policy, and Consent to Electronic Transmission.

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