Your ODP Business Solutions™ Online Savings Program has disinfectants and other cold and flu season must-haves that can help prevent the spread of germs at home and on workspaces. Plus, you can use your CAMFT pricing to save even more and keep a healthy supply of these essentials on hand.

Recommended Cleaning Solutions:

  • Face Masks: $7.87 Sale on Omar, Inc. 3-Ply Pleated Disposable Face Mask, Adult, One Size, Box Of 50, Item #6218671, Reg. $21.99 (You save $14.12), while supplies last.
  • Facial Tissue: $15.09 Sale on Kleenex® Professional Anti-Viral 3-Ply Facial Tissues, White, 55 Tissues Per Box, Pack Of 3 Boxes, Item #892314, Reg. $16.39 (You save $1.30), while supplies last
  • Disinfectant Wipes: $2.79 Sale on Highmark® Disinfectant Wipes, White, Container Of 75, Item #237154, Reg. $3.49 (You save $0.70), while supplies last.
  • Hand Sanitizer: $3.29 Sale on Highmark® Hand Sanitizer, 8 Oz, Item #734082, Reg. $5.49 (You save $2.20), while supplies last.

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