Board Meeting Highlights June 2021

From the Boardroom

Board Highlights June 2021

The following notes highlight discussion and action from the June 5-6, 2021 CAMFT Board of Directors meeting, held virtually.

Financial Report:

The Board reviewed the 2021 financials through April 2021. They were provided information on the financials and fund balances for CAMFT, the Educational Foundation and PAC. Through the first four months total revenue is at budget, while expenses are below budget, resulting in an overall positive Net Excess.  Investments continue to show a net gain.

Strategic Priorities Update:

The Board was updated on CAMFT’s progress on the current strategic priorities, including scope of practice, supporting chapters, and social policy.

  • Scope of Practice – An update was given to the Board on the status of scope of practice legislation, including the move from the Assembly to the Senate.
  • Chapters –The Board was updated on progress on chapter assistance including membership, leadership, and engagement.  The Board was informed that CAMFT has signed a contract with a consultant to develop individualized resources for CAMFT’s smallest chapters. Coaching will begin in late summer 2021.
  • Social Policy – The Board reviewed and approved the statements on racism, culturally responsive training, and domestic violence.  

Additional Discussion:

The Board approved the proposed amendment to the Chapter Advisory Council to add additional members to allow for better continuity of knowledge.

The Board was updated on CAMFT’s efforts on anti-racism.  The Board discussed ways to ensure continued attention to diversity and inclusion.

The Board discussed CAMFT’s ongoing updates of the COVID FAQs.

The Board approved 2021-2022 CAMFT Committee members. To learn more about CAMFT Committees and other volunteer opportunities, please visit the CAMFT website.

The Board discussed the necessity of a Board Code of Conduct. The Executive Committee will continue to work on this.

The Board reviewed and discussed the Executive Director Succession Plan.  

The next Board meeting will be held on September 17-19, 2021 in Los Angeles.