Strategic Plan 2023-2024

CAMFT's Strategic Plan was approved by the CAMFT Board of Directors on December 3, 2022.

All of the goals are rooted in diversity, equity, inclusion, and access (DEIA); aligning the strategic plan with the values of inclusivity, ethicality, fidelity, integrity and professionalism. DEIA is more than a two-year strategic initiative. It is a foundational principle that will touch every facet of CAMFT including our programs and services, staff and volunteer leadership recruitment/training, MFT pipeline expansion, and organizational structures. Beyond the goals explicitly stated in this two-year plan, CAMFT will invest in the hiring of staff/consultants to ensure CAMFT lives the values of DEIA, including an organizational audit, to take both meaningful and measurable steps to advance the organization. These actions will work to systematically create a more inclusive organization.



membership & marketing




This strategic plan for 2023 and 2024 was developed under the leadership of the CAMFT Board of Directors.  The planning process included an environmental scan, membership survey, research-based issue briefs, and extensive dialog amongst members of the Board and other stakeholders.  The Board evaluated overall trends in areas including politics, technology, and demography; applying insights to forecast a favorable climate for the profession.

CAMFT seeks to advance the awareness, accessibility, and value of MFTs.  The strategic plan identifies our two-year course of action via three goals that include specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely (SMART) metrics for success. 

The strategic goals work cooperatively to increase the image and awareness of MFTs as well as to expand members’ reach and the pipeline to licensure. The overall budget for this strategic plan is $985,000 and will be funded by CAMFT’s Opportunity Reserve. The following details each strategic goal and metrics. All metrics have a delivery date of 12/31/2024.

CAMFT's Mission

CAMFT exists for the advancement of the Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) profession by strengthening qualifications, and maintaining high standards of professional ethics and accountability, in order to enhance recognition and utilization of the profession. CAMFT enables and empowers MFTs to best serve their clients and communities. The Association also serves as a steward to the profession, providing representation before the legislature, governmental bureaus, and agencies.