Medicare Fee-For-Service Provider Rates




CMS has updated its Physician Fee Schedule Provider Payment Look-up Tool to reflect Calendar Year 2024 provider rates. LMFTs and LPCCs can identify the FFS providers rates by visiting CMS’s Overview of the Medicare Physician Fee. Click on the “Begin Search” link to get started. Upon accepting the terms of use, providers can take the following steps to find the rates associated with each CPT code.  

How to identify Fee-For-Service LMFT and LPCC rates: 

1) Find your MAC code and locality number

2) On the provider payment look-up tool website Search the Physician Fee Schedule  under “Type of Information,” click on “Pricing Information.” 

3) Under “HCPCS Criteria,” click on “Range of Codes” then type in 90791 to 90837. 

4) Under “MAC Option,” click on “Specific Locality.” Then enter your MAC code and locality number (7 numbers) 

5) Click on “Search fees,” and on the next page, scroll down. 

6) ) Provider will generally look for the non-facility rate for each CPT code.  Exception: Providers who use the Place of Service Code 02 (used when a patient is in a location other than their home) will be paid at the facility rate, a slightly lower rate.  

Note: This isn’t the rate LMFTs and LPCCs will be paid. LMFTs and LPCCs will be paid 75% of the posted rate.  


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