November E-news 2020



Dear Members,

November is typically the month when we start thinking about Thanksgiving and what we have to be grateful for. As we enter our 10th month of the pandemic, and most members continue to provide services via telehealth, it may be difficult to think about gratitude at this time. I have heard from numerous members that they are starting to feel bored or burned out dealing with their own stress and the substantial stresses that their patients are facing. CAMFT staff, including myself, can relate to these simultaneous feelings of boredom and burnout. To add to the stress we’re all feeling, with a contentious election cycle and COVID rates increasing across California and the country, many of us will not have the usual comfort and routine of holiday gatherings with family and friends.

It is easy to be grateful when things are going easy. Perhaps, in these challenging circumstances, this is the time to place our focus on gratitude. Undoubtedly, this Thanksgiving will be different from past holidays. But when I start thinking about it, CAMFT and I have a lot to be grateful for: 

  • I am especially grateful that CAMFT staff have been able to safely work from home for 10 months now. And I am grateful that most of you have been able to do that as well.
  • I am full of gratitude for the recent success of CAMFT’s Virtual Experience. We were able to provide over 1,800 members with quality education and CEs! And this was the first paid virtual event that was profitable for CAMFT.
  • I am thankful to work for an organization that values self-care as an important element for mental health and overall well-being.

Give it your best

I am also incredibly grateful for all of the work that each of you do. Marriage and Family Therapists are the backbone of mental health services in California; LMFTs make up the majority of therapists in the state. The services that you provide support your communities in substantial and meaningful ways. When I think about the valuable work that you do every day, I hope you give yourself the grace suggested in a street art piece by my favorite street artist, @WRDSMTH.

It is a privilege and an honor to support thousands of MFTs. I hope that during this unprecedented time, you are able to find gratitude in your life and your service.

Wishing each of you a healthy and safe Thanksgiving!
Nabil El-Ghoroury, Ph.D., Executive Director
Nabil El-Ghoroury, Ph.D., CAE
Executive Director | Twitter: @drnabil




Go Green

CAMFT is continuing to ask members to Go Green to receive electronic ballots and electronic official member communications! If you have already said YES to Going Green—Thank You!

For those who have not yet opted to Go Green, you can find more information about our Go Green campaign, spearheaded by CAMFT President Cathryn Leff, here. (NOTE: The Go Green campaign does Not impact how you receive The Therapist magazine.)

How can you Go Green? CAMFT will be sending another email soon titled “GO GREEN with CAMFT.” Please opt-in by selecting “YES” for electronic communications (like the Annual Business Meeting Notice) and “YES” for electronic voting. Saying YES to GOING GREEN means that:

  • We will reduce the amount of paper that CAMFT delivers to your home or office.
  • Voting will be easier with an electronic ballot—and research shows more members will vote!
  • We’ll help CAMFT staff and CAMFT members stay safer by not handling so much snail-mail.
  • We’ll save and protect both money and trees.

Thank you for helping us with the Go Green initiative!


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Phone scams are again being reported by CAMFT members. Read more.

CE Opportunities

Click here for virtual events planned by local chapters. Not all events have been listed. You can access your local chapter's website through the CAMFT Chapter Links page.

All of the live webinars were recorded and are available on the course page. Click here to access recordings.


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For information about participating in CAMFT Board Meetings, click here.

View the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Guidelines on safe protocols for holiday celebrations.



YOU Too Can Become a CE Provider!

In today's uncertain world, there is only one thing you can count on: YOU!

YOU have special knowledge and expertise that can help other clinicians be better therapists!

YOU can teach from the comfort of your own home by giving virtual classes!

YOU can become a Continuing Education Provider and create residual income for yourself!

Now is the perfect time to become a CAMFT-Approved Continuing Education Provider! Apply by December 1st and receive a 15% discount on the application fee. CLICK HERE to get started!


Any planned face-to-face educational course can be offered online and still be eligible for CEUs (via WebEx, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype, etc.). Read more



Go Above and Beyond! CAMFT's Certified Supervisor Program

The CAMFT Certified Supervisor Program (CSP) goes above and beyond the BBS Requirements for Supervision. The skills needed to be an effective supervisor are different from the skills needed to be an effective clinician. The CAMFT Certified Supervisor Program provides the training you need to be fully prepared to guide clinicians-in-training. As a CAMFT Certified Supervisor, you have the opportunity to be recognized by potential supervisees and employers for your advanced training, and as a CAMFT member, you receive a discount when completing the program! Fill out the ONLINE Application today!


Pre-Licensed Corner


The Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) is excited to announce the release of new publications designed to assist individuals pursuing licensure. Check out the new BBS Handbook for Future LMFTs.

Save the Date! Pre-licensed Corner LIVE: Money Matters for MFTs with Financial Therapist Lindsay Bryan-Podvin

Join us for a conversation on Money, Mindset, & other financial matters for Pre-licensed MFTs November 13, 12 PM. More information and to register.





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