Waiver Information



Over the last month, the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) has begun winding down waivers impacting BBS registrants and licensees. While the COVID-19 waivers impacting our members remain temporarily in effect through the end of October, we encourage our members to prepare for the eventual expiration of the remaining COVID-19 waivers.

Importantly, the face-to-face training requirement and videoconferencing supervision waiver remains in effect through October 31st. DCA has indicated to BBS that it is unlikely to extend this waiver beyond the end of the month. Given the ongoing impacts the pandemic has had on pre-licensees and their supervisors, CAMFT is formally requesting this waiver be extended. We plan to meet with the Governor’s office, the DCA, and the Health and Human Services Agency.

Given the possible end of this waiver on October 31, 2021, we encourage all supervisors and pre-licensees if they have not already done so, to begin discussions about what the return to pre-pandemic status quo may look like once the waiver is lifted.  Once the face-to-face training and supervision waiver is lifted, MFT Trainees working in exempt settings can continue to receive supervision via videoconferencing. MFT Trainees can also continue to provide telehealth services and will be able to count that work toward the 3,000 hours needed for licensure. However, once the waiver expires, MFT Trainees will not be able to count telehealth provided via telephone towards their 150 face-to-face training requirements for practicum. While that work may count toward direct client hours, only services provided to patients in person or via videoconferencing (if the Trainee’s school permits this practice) will count toward the 150 face-to-face training requirement.

We have additional information about the BBS waivers in our COVID-19 Resources. If you have any questions about any of the BBS waivers, please contact CAMFT’s Legal Department at (858) 292-2638.

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