Robin Andersen LMFT

It has been a pleasure to serve on the CAMFT board as a Clinical Director-at-Large, and I am honored to be nominated for the executive position of Chief Financial Officer.

Prior to joining the CAMFT board, I served as the President of the San Diego North County CAMFT chapter for two years. Under my leadership, SDNC-CAMFT received the Chapter Excellence Award for Best Financial Management in 2019, and I received the Outstanding Chapter Leader Award in 2019. When I stepped into the role of chapter President, SDNC-CAMFT was facing a significant number of challenges that resulted in a much lower projected net income than we had encountered in previous years.

Over the 2017-2018 fiscal year, I guided our board in overcoming these challenges and reaching the following goals:

  • Increased sponsorship revenue by 83%
  • Reduced the cost of our annual retreat by 80%, while still providing an enriching experience
  • Reduced our meeting venue costs by 50%
  • Reduced meeting refreshment costs by 37%, and reduced food waste in the process
  • Reduced other event costs by 67%

Thanks to our collaborative efforts, we were able to end the fiscal year with one of the highest net incomes in our chapter’s history! This allowed us to reinvest in our chapter’s membership by obtaining a beautiful new venue and hiring an administrator to further improve our internal processes.

Since joining the CAMFT board as a Clinical Director-at-Large, I have played an active role in shaping and implementing CAMFT’s Strategic Plan for 2019-2024. Now, more than ever, we need leaders who are familiar with CAMFT’s vision and will see these essential goals through to completion.

As a member of the Social Policy Task Force, I have had input in creating strategies for proactively responding to current events that impact our profession, clients, and communities. Over the next year, I would like to see CAMFT become synonymous with expertise on mental health issues on par with other mental health organizations.

I have also worked with my fellow board members to reallocate resources and ensure our CAMFT chapters are receiving increased support. As a former chapter President, I understand the importance of strengthening chapter leadership and fostering community among MFTs.

Additionally, I have continued to serve on the Chapter Advisory Committee, CAMFT Connects Committee, and Pre-Licensed Committee during my board term. These committees have been instrumental in providing additional support to CAMFT chapters and issuing CAMFT’s recent statement on paying associates as a best practice of supervision.

I am qualified for the position of Chief Financial Officer based on my current experience with CAMFT’s board, past experience as a chapter leader, and demonstrated history of setting and reaching attainable goals. The CAMFT board needs experienced members in executive positions with an institutional knowledge of how a multimillion-dollar per year organization will continue to grow and thrive.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to serving you!


Carla Rather, LMFT

Candidate for President-Elect
(one open position)

Dana Williams, LMFT

Candidate for President-Elect
(one open position)

Shannon Hanrahan, PsyD, LMFT

Candidate for Chief Financial Officer
(one open position)

Juan Gavidia, LMFT

Candidate for Director-at-Large
(three open positions)

Maureen Houtz, LMFT

Candidate for Director-at-Large
(three open positions)

Ava Denise Phillips, LMFT

Candidate for Director-at-Large
(three open positions)