Board Meeting Highlights June 2023

From the Boardroom

Board Highlights June 2023

The following notes highlight discussion and action from CAMFT Board of Directors meeting, and reception held June 9 – 11, 2023 in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Chapter to Chapter Reception:

The CAMFT Board invited Board members of the Central Coast and Santa Barbara chapters to an informal reception.  These gatherings allow greater interaction from members at the local level with CAMFT Board. 

Financial Report:

The Board reviewed financials for the current year through April 2023. They were provided information on the financials and fund balances for CAMFT, the Educational Foundation, and PAC. CAMFT’s financial position is strong.  CAMFT’s net revenue (revenue minus expenses) is $678,174, which is well ahead of budget.  Investments are up 4.33% year to date.

Strategic Priorities Update:

The Board received an update from Alafia on CAMFT’s priorities including advocacy, marketing and branding, technology, and DEI.  A discussion was also held regarding strengthening the editorial process via a DEI lens for The Therapist magazine.  The Board approved a motion to advocate for license portability and advocating with the BBS to switch to National Exam to allow for greater portability as well as federal job consistency..   

Next, CAMFT’s Board discussed the Pre-License Committee and updating the committee’s focus.

The Board received an update regarding CAMFT’s Bylaws review and revision process with the committee scheduled to have a meeting in Fall 2023. 

CAMFT has officially instituted a remote-hybrid work environment providing benefits of staff retention, improved productivity, and competitive positioning in the behaviorial health association space.  The new work environment presented an opportunity for the CAMFT Board to reassess CAMFT’s asset management needs to coincide with smaller office space requirements. 

The next Board meeting will be held on September 9 – 10, in Pasadena, CA.